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This site is basically the result of 10+ years on-going research into the performance history of comic operas, light operas and musical plays that were once the staple diet of operatic societies around the world but have, in recent years, fallen out of favour.


Research has been (and still is) carried out with reference to the records of the many societies which still occasionally perform these shows, and from various contacts who unearth records.  However, with the disbanding of many societies during or just after the First World War and again during and after the Second World War, many records have been lost.


The problem of data collection is further exacerbated by many societies abandoning the traditional shows in recent years in favour of the current West End and Broadway hits of the day.  Many of those societies have changed their names by removing the word 'operatic' and inserting 'musical theatre'.  Many no longer have websites and have turned to the immediacy of Facebook on which platform it is almost impossible to store historical records, whilst those that do still maintain a website often do not list their previous productions.


However, it is to be hoped that the records contained herein will give an indication of the popularity (or otherwise) on the musical hits of the late Victorian and Edwardian ages.


As of April 2019, I am including ALL the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas in previous productions (previously only the rarely performed THESPIS, UTOPIA LIMITED and GRAND DUKE were included) in the hope that this site may be able to provide a much-needed diary of past and of forthcoming performances.

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